Lichfield Tarmacadam are open for business.  We take the health and safety of our employees and customers very seriously and have implemented a number of safety procedures to keep everyone safe.

For our staff laying driveways for customers (both for personal and commercial customers):

  • All of our staff have been provided with the necessary PPE  (masks, gloves etc.)  and wherever possible are observing  2M distance guidelines.
  • Where our staff come into contact with customers, we are observing the 2M distance guidelines.
  • We are aware that more people are currently working from home – and so we are keeping noise and disruption down to a minimum when laying new driveways for our customers.

When we visit customers to provide quotations (both for personal and commercial customers):

  • Our staff will use appropriate PPE when meeting potential customers.
  • Our staff will observe 2M distance guidelines.

If you have any issues and would like further information – then please get in touch.